23 AugProtecting Your Home From Water Damage In Seattle

Water damage in Seattle can happen from a passing rainstorm, an unusually strong windstorm or even from clogged drains. Protecting your home from these forms of water damage is not that difficult if you know what you are looking for. If you live near a street that has a drain, make sure its not clogged from leaves or snow. In Seattle, some of the biggest ways for water damage to happen is from the clogging of storm drains. During the fall, leaves clog these drains in the street until they overflow. In the winter, if it ends up snowing in the city, the snow will block the drains and since snow doesn’t happen too often in Seattle, as soon as it warms up all of that snow begins to melt rapidly. The storm drains are clogged from the snow and ice and since the water has nowhere else to go, it begins to flood the surrounding areas.

Water damage in Seattle does happen quite often so be sure you are prepared to fix the problems before it gets out of control.

How to protect your home from water damage?

  • Keep drains clear from debris
  • Put gutters on your house and make sure the water flows away from the house
  • Caulk around your windows and make sure there aren’t any openings where water can get in
  • Check your roof in case if you have missing shingles

Water damage can happen at any time. After any major windstorm its important to check your roof for any missing shingles. If you find missing shingles get them replaces immediately as water will begin to fall into your attic and can start causing Mold to grow.

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